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Rising Blocks

Rising Blocks is an action puzzle game for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Easy to learn and hard to master, Rising Blocks provides fun for all ages.

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The object of the game is to keep the stack of coloured blocks from rising to the top. Match three blocks in a row horizontally or vertically to clear them. Create combos by matching four or more blocks at a time to score extra points. Chains can also be created by matching blocks consecutively for even greater extra points.

Take a break from the constant action with puzzle mode, a logic problem based game where you must clear the field with a limited amount of moves.

Game Modes:

Endless, Stage Mode, Time Trial, Vs CPU, Puzzle


- Intelligent AI
- Five different game modes
- 50 puzzles to solve
- iPod music can be played in background
- Local multiplayer over WiFi
- Achievements


Drag a block with your finger to move it across the play field.


$0.99 US / CAD


Moonlight Games is an independent game developer located in Ontario, Canada.